Postnatal Doula

As a Postnatal Doula, my role is to help you both emotionally and physically in the early stages of parenthood where I can. When I come to visit, my goal is to help you with any queries or concerns you may have about you and your baby and be able to take the pressure off so you can put your feet up, have a cuppa and enjoy these precious moments with your baby.

While I am there, I can help with the following:

  • Encouraging you to trust those mummy instincts
  • Caring for bubs so you can get some much needed sleep
  • Helping you care for bubs, this may involve assisting with bath time, feeding and changing nappies etc
  • Light domestic tasks.
  • Talking through your birth story and providing emotional support as needed, referring you to more specialist care if I feel this will be beneficial
  • Encouraging and nurturing you and your partner as you bond with your baby
  • If required, helping your other children transition into their new role as big brother or big sister
  • Preparing basic nutritious food for the family

Overnight support

The first few weeks following birth can be such a whirlwind. You can feel a whole new level of mental and physical exhaustion that you never knew was possible.

Overnight support will help you get some much needed sleep overnight to help you with your recovery and set you up for days ahead. It is also sometimes a life saver once your partner has to go back to work and either works away or works nightshift. My children’s Dad often worked away and I would often feel quite anxious about nights alone, especially with 2 children.

Overnight support includes the following:

  • Support from 9pm until 7am
  • Caring for bubs so you can allow yourself to go into a deep sleep, knowing that your baby is being cared for
  • Feeding bubs, changing bubs and getting them back to sleep
  • Bring baby to you if breastfeeding but then taking care of nappy change and getting them back to sleep
  • Comforting baby
  • Look at bubs nightly pattern and offering suggestions
  • Letting you know in the morning how your babies night was
  • If your house allows it and you will not be woken up, I can also carry out light housework duties whilst bubs is sleeping


Participant assistance

Sharing your time between children during the newborn stage can be challenging enough without the additional care a child with a disability requires. As such, I would love to be able to help families with older children with disabilities in order to ease some of the pressures during what should be a beautiful and special time for you family. I have spoken to the NDIS who have advised that should a NDIS self managed or plan managed NFIS plan in place, my services can be claimed under the core support budget. On top of my other Postnatal Doula duties, our sessions could be scheduled to enable assistance during other appointments you may have for your eldest child so I can be another pair of hands to help you focus on the appointment.

Social Media Inflencer

Newborn assistance

In the busy, fast paced world of social media, there is often no time for influencers to have maternity leave. In my special packages tailored to influencers, my above Postnatal Doula services can be carried out along with additional assistance caring for your baby so you can complete the content required to meet your deadlines with your clients.